Study Reference No. - NA-General

Study Type Demographic Gender Age Location Compensation
Healthy, allergy, patch, consumer research, other Healthy, seasonal or perrenial allergies (all types), post-menopausal or non-childbearing females, other Males and Females At least 18 years of age Mississauga, ON Yes, based on future specific studies
Study Details

Study Purpose

This is NOT enrollment for a current study; it is for the purpose of registering in our database for upcoming studies. Once a study is available, we will contact you with the study details to determine if you are eligible to participate.

Study Duration

Duration varies for each study and will be shared once specific studies are enrolling.

Study Schedule

General Screening


Medical Screening

Typically multiple screening dates are offered to provide flexibility for volunteer schedules.

Study Visit(s)

Study visit(s) vary and will be shared for specific upcoming studies.

Follow-Up Visit(s)

Follow-up visit()s vary and will be shared for specific upcoming studies.