Study Reference No. - 18-002

Study Type Demographic Gender Age Location Compensation
Oral Test Medication Study Healthy volunteers Males and Females 18 - 65 years old Saint Petersburg FL $2,850
Study Details

Study Objective

The purpose of this study is to compare the amount of active drug in your blood after 75 mg twice daily dose of the reference product, Methazolamide 75 mg Immediate Release Tablet (Mikart Inc.) with a single 150 mg dose of the test product, Methazolamide 150 mg Extended Release Tablet (Effcon Laboratories, Inc.). Each test and reference product will be given for 8 days in each period. The reference product, Methazolamide 75 mg, will be given as a 50 mg tablet and a 25 mg tablet.

Study Duration

3 Visits

Study Schedule

General Screening


Medical Screening

Visit 1 Oct 16,17, 18 Approx. 2 hours

Study Visit(s)

Visit 2 1st Period Oct 27th - Nov 5th (Overnight)
Visit 3 2nd Period Nov 18th - Nov 27th (Overnight)

Follow-Up Visit(s)


Other Notes

General good health