Exciting Announcement – Cliantha Research Mississauga Conducting Consumer Research Studies

Cliantha Research is thrilled to announce that we will be conducting Consumer Research Studies at our Mississauga site! This is in addition to the current pharmaceutical research studies (clinical trials) that we offer to support early PK, Phase I, Phase II-III clinical trials including our allergy studies.

Why are consumer research studies conducted?

Before hitting the shelves, consumer products need to be tested by an independent body to be able to claim that the product(s) does what they say it does and that it is safe. As an example, you may have seen commercials or advertising that claim something like “95% of people said that there was noticeable improvement in their skin condition within two weeks of daily use”. To make that claim, the product had to be tested and the claim proven. And of course, that would not be possible without volunteer participation!

What types of products are tested in Consumer Research studies?

The products tested vary but include a variety of personal care or consumer products involving skin, hair, body, pediatric/mother care products, herbals, dietary supplements, or oral products. For example, studies may include testing of shampoo and hair conditioners, face and body moisturizers, cosmetics, personal hygiene, eczema, acne, or skin protection products to name a few.

Are Consumer Research studies approved?

Consumer Research Study Protocols and Informed Consent Documents are reviewed and approved by an Ethics committee or Institutional Review Board. This committee ensures that participants are not put at undue risk and that the research organization has proper safety measures.

Can I participate in both clinical trials and consumer research studies?

Absolutely! Volunteers can participate in either type of study if all inclusion/exclusion criteria are met (including the washout period) based on the study protocol. We will make note of what type of study or studies you are interested in participating in during the registration process. This will ensure that we contact you with the appropriate study.

Will I be compensated to participate in Consumer Research studies?

Yes, qualified participants are eligible to receive compensation for their time and travel based on the type of study, number of visits and study duration.

I’m interested in being considered for participation in Consumer Research studies!

If you’re an existing registered study participant with us, and if consumer research studies also interest you, contact us to update your profile. If you are a new volunteer, contact us to register for upcoming studies.
Our recruitment team is always happy to answer any questions you may have about our studies. Contact us at 905-282-1808 or toll-free at 1-888-989-1808. Our contact hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 6:00 pm and Saturday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.