Current Studies for Mississauga, Canada

Study Reference No. Study Type Compensation Gender Age Demographic Location Study Details
C1D01253 Patch $2,000 Males and Females 18-55 “In good health” Mississauga, ON Click Here
C1D01447 Nasal spray administration, fasting conditions $2,250 Males and Females 18-50 Healthy, non-smokers Mississauga, ON Click Here
C2D01384 Ragweed Allergy $2,800 Males and Females At least 18 years History of allergy to ragweed for at least the last 2 years Mississauga, ON Click Here
C2D01121 House Dust Mite (HDM) Allergy $2,460 Males and Females 18-65 History of perennial allergic rhinitis (nasal symptoms) to house dust mite for more than 1 year; non-smokers or smokers who are able to refrain from smoking for 6 hours prior to and during each EEC visits. Mississauga, ON Click Here
C2A01194 Mississauga Clinic Ocular $1,000 Males and Females At least 18 years Experienced dry eye symptoms within the past 3 months, in good health. Mississauga, ON Click Here