Study Reference No. - C1D04292

Study Type Demographic Gender Age Location Compensation
Healthy Healthy; non-smokers for at least the past one year Males & Females 18 to 55 years Mississauga, ON $1,900
Study Details

Study Purpose

The purpose of this study is to compare the amount of active drug in your blood after a 1200 mg/60 mg dose of the reference product (R), ‘MUCINEX® DM’ (guaifenesin and dextromethorphan HBr) extended-release bi-layer tablets, 1200 mg/60 mg (RB Health (US), Parsippani, NJ 07054-0224) with the test product (T), Guaifenesin & Dextromethorphan HB} Extended-Release Tablet, 1200 mg/60 mg (Guardian Drug Company, Dayton, NJ 08810).

Study Duration

Total duration approximately 11 days; 2 periods, 24-hr. post-dose confinement per period, 2 returns per period

Study Schedule

General Screening


Medical Screening

May 17, 21, 25

Study Visit(s)

Period 1 Check-in
Check out
Period 2 Check-in

Follow-Up Visit(s)

See study visits.

Other Notes

Bring Valid Photo ID.