Study Participant Etiquette & Policies

Thank you for your interest in Cliantha Research.

Consumer product advancement would not be possible without clinical trial participants. This may help to improve treatments/quality of life for yourself and others in the future.

Our mission at Cliantha is to ensure all study participants and employees are treated with integrity and respect at all times! We will always respect your right to withdraw from a study at any point in time and for any reason.

In keeping with our mission, we have created the following general etiquette and policies to ensure that you and other study participants have a positive experience while you are participating in studies at Cliantha.

Please familiarize yourself with these rules as they are designed to create a mutually respectful experience for you and our staff.

Study Participant Etiquette & Policies

Inappropriate/Aggressive Behaviour Inappropriate and/or aggressive behaviour (physical & verbal) towards staff and/or other study participants will NOT be tolerated and will result in suspension from current and/or future study participation at the discretion of Cliantha Research.
No show
(Screening/Visit 1)
We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise that require you to reschedule or cancel an appointment. We require at least 24-hour notice for all cancellations. Please call our recruiting department or front desk and leave a voice message if no one is available to take your call or if it is after hours.
Missed appointments without providing notification, are subject to the following:
  • 1st no show: Verbal warning
  • 2nd no show: 1-month ban from all studies
  • 3rd no show: 3-month ban from all studies
  • 4th no show: 6-month ban from all studies
  • 5th no show: Banned for 1 year from all studies.
No show
(Study Check-in/Visits 2+)
If you qualify to participate in a study, please review the study time commitment and dates carefully to ensure your availability for the duration of the study. If circumstances arise that prevent you from participating, please contact us with as much notice as possible.
Missed study check-in/visit(s) without providing notification, are subject to the following:
  • 1st occurrence: 6-month ban
  • 2nd occurrence: Banned indefinitely from all studies*

*You may appeal an indefinite ban after 1 year from the date of the ban. The decision to reinstate your file for study participation will be at the discretion of Cliantha Research.
Late Arrival
(Screening/ Visit 1 & Visits 2+)
Screening/Visit 1 : Participants who have a confirmed spot in the study will lose their confirmed spot and may be placed on the stand-by list if they wish to continue in the study.
Visits 2+ : Study specific for re-arrangement, speak to the study clinic lead. From time to time, studies require strict timing therefore, continued inclusion in the study will be at the discretion of Cliantha Research.
Withdrawing from Study Screening and/or Study Participation Participants who pass screening and sign an Informed Consent Document, may decide to not participate in a study and at any time.
  • Withdrawal prior to study first application - Participants will be subject to 7-day waiting period prior to enrolling onto another study. Reason for withdrawal is required for Cliantha’s documentation.
  • Withdrawal after study first application - Participants are subject to the wash-out period based on the study protocol they wish to screen for. Reason for withdrawal is required for Cliantha’s documentation.